2018 Bella's Cabernet Sauvignon




15.5% Alc. by Vol. • 750ml • 2018 • Cabernet Sauvignon
roduction | 206 cases


The 2018 Hillside Reserve opens with a jolt of salinity that centers its core and allows the rest of its rich attributes to be draped luxuriously over its proud frame. A hint of cigar box on the nose transitions quickly to a blend of Jamon Iberico and quince paste. The fleshy palate, while velvety at first, lengthens out to slowly reveal stalwart tannins. All that is left on the finish, is the perfume of dried, wild forest floor strawberries, and freshly crisped lardons.

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Tasting notes

  • Opens with a jolt of salinity
  • A hint of cigar box on the nose
  • Velvety at first, lengthens 
    out to slowly reveal stalwart tannins
  • Left to finish is a perfume of dried, wild forest floor strawberries, and freshly crisped lardons

Pairs with

The 2018 Hillside Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a truly exceptional wine. With its full-bodied profile and intense, complex flavors, it boasts a rich dark fruit profile and well-structured tannins. Aged in premium oak barrels, it has hints of vanilla, spice, and toasty oak. Perfect for a special occasion, this wine pairs well with grilled steaks, roasted meats, rich pasta dishes, high-end cheeses, and dark chocolate desserts. Indulge in this top-tier wine for a memorable dining experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste a Hillside Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon today!

Serving facts

BLEND | 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
pH | 3.70
ta | 0.56
aging | 18 months, 78% new French Oak barrels
production | 206 cases
ALCOHOL | 15.5% by volume

The Ehret family

Our family estate, Bavarian Lion Vineyards, is located in Knights Valley, Northern Sonoma County.

We have been farming top quality Bordeaux varietals since 1996, selling much of our fruit to prestigious wineries in the Napa Valley. In 2005, we decided to reserve our highest quality grapes for our own brand, Ehret. While we sell many of our grapes to prestigious producers, we reserve specific blocks that go into our own brand.


Our winemaker, Erin Green understands that great wines begin in the vineyard. She is actively involved in viticultural aspects, working with Alex and Ben to create balance in the vines and enabling optimum ripeness in the grapes.

At harvest time she looks for mature skins and seeds with concentrated flavors. During harvest grapes are cold soaked to extract flavors before fermentation. Our fermentation regime is adapted by block to optimize flavors and create balance. The wines are aged in high quality French Oak barrels and blended to Erin’s liking.


Erin Green, winemaker, at EHREN Family Wines

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Customer reviews

“A must have for the Cab connoisseur. Gorgeous deep ruby red color and a ripe raspberry and plum nose. Structured tannins and full body with complex fruit flavor make this a must-have wine that will impress any discerning palate. Get to know what Knight’s Valley Cab is all about!”

Robin Cadham

“Ruby-black in color with a bright medium-to-full body. Flavors of currants and blackberries, subtle notes of oak, and an aroma that can transport the taster back to Calistoga and Healdsburg each time the first drop is poured. It’s delectability may make one eager to finish a glass quickly—but patience is rewarded, as the wine’s complexity reveals itself over time. A must-have for any special occasion or holiday dinner, especially one that includes beef, venison, or berry pies.”

Steve Crandall

“A lip smacking Merlot with lush fruit and an unmistakable note of dark chocolate that will stand up to any protein from the grill.”


Drew Tomassini

“The best merlot we’ve ever had. Truly a gem. Year in and year out. If you’re on the fence, get off, have a glass, and enjoy. Honestly it’s probably the best wine we’ve discovered in Napa.”

William Oakland


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