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2018 Merlot

2018 Estate Merlot

93 Points – Double Gold – American Fine Wine Competition

The 2018 Merlot nose entices with dried flower petal potpourri notes accented with a dash white pepper. On the first sip, the vibrancy of tree ripened Bing cherries pops on the palate, as the wine slowly unfurls into a smooth and softly viscous rendition. Candle wax, pureed raspberries, and bay leaf are all brought to mind as the mid-palate transitions to a softly structured finish reminiscent of the Barbera wines of Piemonte. Smelling the empty glass, the essences of cotton candy and caramel encourage you to pour another glass. Alcohol 15.50%

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

98 Points – Best of Class – 2022 International Women’s Wine Competition

The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon brings you in with a nose of freshly muddled blueberries and huckleberries. While a linear nose and lighter entry on the mid-palate are reminiscent of a stuffy headmaster, a slight sweetness reveals itself as the wine evolves on the palate and gives way to some decent density. Wreathed in a dank cedar note, the wine evolves to reveal an interesting intermingling of flavors such as cranberries, cereal grains and cocoa powder. This leaves you with the unshakeable image of a rich and flavorful Bûche de Noël ready for the festivities of the holidays.Alcohol 15%

2018 Bella's Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Bella’s Cabernet Sauvignon

97 Points – Double Gold – 2022 International Women’s Wine Competition

No wine screams terroir like the 2018 Bella’s. While there is a core of dried black goji berries on the nose and palate, there is no escaping the earthy dust-like note that presents itself when the wine is viewed at all levels. Starting as calcaire on the nose, the dust quickly perks up on the palate amid notes of pink peppercorns and cherry compote and wanders off into the sunset on the finish like the anti-hero of a vintage Spaghetti Western flick. This is the essence of pure, 100% unadulterated Knights Valley bench grown  fruit. This kind of fruit pops with a juicy umami note on the mid-palate, and finishes with tannins that are firm at first, but forgiving on the back end, akin to the care of an attentive parent from childhood to early adulthood.Alcohol 15.50%

2018 Hillside Reserve Red Wine

2018 Hillside Reserve Red Wine

97 Points – Best of Class – 2022 Sunset International Wine Competition

The 2018 Hillside Reserve Red is a bouillon of Bordeaux varieties. 74.01% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8.75% Petit Verdot, 8.48% Merlot, 4.38% Malbec, 4.38% Cabernet Franc. Similar to the chateau wines after which it is modeled, the nose is reminiscent of dried rose petals, while the texture of the palate is long, linear and focused. The red currant fruit in the mid-palate is coupled with an aromatic reminiscent of the terrain of the Paris to Roubaix bike race. Held in mid-April, the race can feature damp earth, hot asphalt, slippery cobblestones, or a combination of any of the three. The mid-palate comes to a succinct finish with the juice of a French plum blended with a hint of hickory and reduced to a decadent barbecue sauce. Forgive us if your mouth is watering for some ribs right about now. Alcohol 15.50%

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Reserve

2018 Hillside Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

94 Points – Beverage Testing Institute

The 2018 Hillside Reserve opens with a jolt of salinity that centers its core and  allows the rest of its rich attributes to be draped luxuriously over its proud  frame. A hint of cigar box on the nose transitions quickly to a blend of Jamon Iberico and quince paste. The fleshy palate, while velvety at first, lengthens out to slowly reveal stalwart tannins. All that is left on the finish, is the perfume of dried, wild forest floor strawberries, and freshly crisped lardons. Alcohol 15.50%

Bottle of Sonoma Ehret Family Winery Zinfandel

2020 Zinfandel

A beautiful deep ruby red color with big bright fruits including fresh raspberries, dried cherries, and strawberries on the nose. Licorice, tobacco, and spice show through on the palate along with blackberry jam and soft supple tannins.  Confirming the bright raspberries and dried cherry fruits with good firm acidity and beautifully balanced toasty oak,  A wine worthy of age but drinking wonderfully now. Alcohol 15.50%

2021 Sauvignon Blanc

2021 Sauvignon Blanc

97 Points – Double Gold – 2022 International Women’s Wine Competition
95 Points – Sunset International Wine Competition

The painstaking effort with which we crafted this singular expression of Knights Valley Sauvignon Blanc was worth every last second of the month-long ferment. Utilizing an extremely low-temperature tactic allowed us to enhance and concentrate the fruit expression this grape variety is so famous for. On the nose, tree-ripened Satsuma mandarin zest immediately blasts out of the glass! This enticing aroma continues onto the palate coupled with a minerality expressing the terroir of the wine’s noble origin.

The lively zip of acidity that follows awakens the senses from the cornucopia of fruit that preceded, allowing more attention to be focused on the underlying notes of key lime pie and juicy crane melon. This forward presentation is followed by a clean, long finish that is reminiscent of biting into a ripe nectarine while relaxing on a hot summer day. Alcohol 14.80%