Announcing Our Newest Family Member

Announcing Our Newest Family Member

Getting around an 1,800 acre estate can be challenging. With so much varied terrain, from steep hillsides to the valley floor, we needed something that could withstand the daily tasks.  What better than a Pinzgauer?

Here’s the scoop on our new Pinz…

  • Pinzgauer vehicles were first built in 1971 by Steyr-Daimler-Puch in Austria. They were built for both civilian and military use and are popular as overlanding vehicles today. Our model was built in 1973 and is a 712M model. It is finished in military green with matching removable canvas soft roof panels and green vinyl upholstery.
  • The Pinzgauer is an all-terrain military utility vehicle that is now manufactured by BAE Systems Land Systems in Guildford, Surrey, UK.
  • They are used by military forces around the world. The British, Swiss, Austrian, New Zealand and Malaysian military use these vehicles.
  • A Pinzgauerwas featured in the 2011 movie Thor as the research vehicle of scientist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her team.
  • US Special Forces, Delta Force uses the 2nd generation 6-wheel driver variant known as the 718.

We are pleased to have such a great workhorse on the estate.  Should you visit us for a vineyard tour you may be able to catch a ride!

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